Friendly small group coaching in Decatur, GA with experienced coach, Jenn Purdy.


Kettlebell & Rowing Classes

How to Row Session

Nutrition Coaching

Jenn's classes are...

Small group classes in a casual atmosphere.


How-to-Row and Intro Kettlebell private sessions. 

Simple yet challenging workouts that keep you STRONG.

Our casual but challenging workouts are just the thing to stay fit and strong with fun people and without spending hours a week in the gym. Many of my clients have been coming to my classes for years, and sometimes there's a wait list.

Classes are limited at 4 - 5 people at Atlanta Barbell gym in Decatur, GA. 

I especially enjoy helping novice adults make sense of weight training that works for them - and seeing them find out that it works! With either How-to-Row or Kettlebell Intro sessions, clients learn to move better, with greater control and range of motion, while reducing the risk of injury.


Anyone, at any age or experience level, can get stronger and be more capable at living life. 

Why the Third Way? It means creating life balance and habits that are sustainable. We work through negative thoughts and mindless patterns that hold us back from being a little better each day, not striving for the elusive "perfect."  


Nutrition coaching helps clients work on the daily habits that make a difference over time. As in strength training, patience is key. Clients learn how to eat and evaluate results to achieve their goals in a sustainable way. 


The result? More energy. Less pain. A better looking body. More confidence.


Third Way Strong | Jenn Purdy, Pn1, RKC

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