Jenn Purdy


Coach Certifications:

Russian Kettlebell Certified - RKC

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach - Pn1

UCanRow2 Indoor Rowing Certified Coach


I grew up with a love of feeling strong and enjoying the freedom of movement. That meant hours of bike riding everywhere in my small New Jersey town and creating obstacle course challenges for the neighborhood kids! I played whatever sports I could find, including field hockey, softball, basketball and track. I played field hockey at Princeton University and graduated in 1993 with an AB in Sociology and African American Studies. 

As an adult, after international living, 4 kids and several moves, I was looking for a consistent way to move my body and feel strong like I did when I was younger. I tried a few group fitness programs and jumped at the opportunity to get certified to coach others. 

I was certified as a kettlebell coach and CrossFit Level 1 in 2010, later followed by rowing and nutrition certs. Since then have completed hundreds of hours coaching individuals and groups to be stronger, leaner, and healthier versions of themselves. I bring to my coaching clients my own experience with strength and conditioning training, from a dingy high school weight room in Central New Jersey to collegiate field hockey to local powerlifting and CrossFit competitions. 


My classes are a low-stress approach to fitness at any level. Clients get an effective, balanced strength classes and nutrition program. 

My goal is to help feel the freedom of moving well and being strong, confident and comfortable in your own body.

What is your goal? Let's work on it together!



What's the difference between your two class locations? 


At the Atlanta Barbell gym classes, you get all the professional gym stuff - equipment, heat on freezing mornings and A/C in summer, public bathrooms, etc. These classes are open to anyone who registers ahead of time. No drop-ins allowed at either location. 

Avondale classes are at my residential garage / studio. It's relaxed and no-frills there and ideal for local neighbors and friends. You must inquire first about Avondale classes to get a registration code for a class or introductory private session. 

Class Package purchases are for classes at one location only. 

Can I buy any of your classes, coaching or packages as a gift for someone else? 

Yes! You can purchase a 10-Class Package in someone else's name and gift it to them. I can provide a printable certificate for gifts upon request. Gift packages are transferable upon request. All are non-refundable. 

Why don't you have more class options?

I work full time during the usual business hours. I keep what I can manage in my schedule. If it fits your schedule, great!

I'm training for a race. Can indoor rowing help my running (tri race, etc)? 

Yes! Rowing is a good "break" from running because it's easy on the joints but can be done at similar training strategies as running. Rowing uses the legs, hips, glutes, core, arms, shoulders and back in a full-body, non-impact workout. Just like in running or swimming, workout intensity on an erg can be controlled to meet any training need from light and easy distance to fast, short intervals. We row on most Saturday mornings.

I've never done any weight training. Where should I start?

Start with a private session or two. I can modify workouts in class, but I cannot effectively teach entirely new skills while also running the class. Of course, everyone learns at a different pace. If you are less experienced, please come and learn! We are a friendly and welcoming place to get started. Send me a note before signing up and we can assess your start-up needs together.

I love running and doing cardio. Isn't that enough to stay healthy?

Not really. Running is easy to step out the door and go do, and please do if you love it, but it's not going to build or preserve critical muscle mass, especially as we age. Resistance training (picking up something heavy repeatedly) for 20-30 minutes 3 times a week is ideal to keep the muscle we need to be able to move well, feel good, and have healthy hormones and strong bones. 

Will lifting weights make me look bulky?

No. With consistency to your workouts and a healthy diet, you'll look awesome and be able to do cool stuff!

Isn't squatting bad for your knees? 

No. Squatting, or any exercise, done with poor movement patterns is bad for your knees. Half squatting is bad for your knees. Tight hip flexors are bad for your knees. Poor ankle or femur alignment is bad for your knees. Moving your body and joints in ways they are designed to move is not bad for your knees. However, you may need to ease into any new movement patterns as your strength and confidence improve. Always consider your own history of injuries/surgeries/posture/stress, etc. We focus on improving form before increasing the load.

I'm over 50, I've never been "athletic" and I'm out of shape. Can I really do kettlebells?

YES, you can. Don't wait! It's never too late to work on building your strength, and more critical as we get past 40. We're all here to support each other. My available weights start at 5-8 pounds and I have yet to meet any normally functioning person who cannot lift that much (barring illness or injury). 


Jenn is extremely knowledgeable and supportive.  She helps me work towards my goals and keeps me focused on good habits for lasting results.

~Christie H.

My workouts with Jenn are interesting and always a good challenge. Her chill style is perfect to kick off my day.

~ Will A.

I feel strong and healthy when I do kettlebells. I love that I can walk to a neighborhood class.

~ Leslie W.

Jenn is awesome! I have become so much stronger over the past year of doing kettlebells. 

~ Gates D.

Working with Jenn is great. She has tons of strategies and support for those of us who struggle with nutrition.

~Ruth S.

Jenn is an excellent listener and asks insightful questions. She's a great teacher! She models what you're learning, explains why you need to do it a particular way, then helps you perform it correctly. 

~ Emily C.

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