Go on a year long journey with me into better eating and healthier living.


With the fully online program, you'll tackle healthier eating habits one at a time. Precision Nutrition is a self-guided, daily effort with me as your coach. I'll be available through the online interface when you have questions or need a cheerleader! 


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With the help of an insightful program and a coach-guide, you'll practice noticing your habits so you can make the effective changes that are right for you. Your unique food culture is always honored. 

When has following someone else's strict diet rules created the long-term

results you really want to have? 


Creating change for you is all about what you're ready and willing to do. We take those steps together. It's never about you trying to adhere to strict rules of what you're allowed or not, or pleasing the coach with shame-based, impossible perfectionism.


There are no "rules" to break, just habits to try on. Work through habits that promote healthy eating, at your level.  You learn about yourself and take ownership of your actions by noticing them, then taking the next step toward better for you. Through the program you'll write your personal Owner's Guide, because you're the only rightful owner of YOU!


As your coach, I provide a listening ear and sometimes some gentle prodding for you to make your own best decisions that work FOR you and IN your life. 


Consistent, foundational habits that you'll pay attention to in this program will

get you where you want to be with your health, with how you eat, 

and how you look and feel.

The Precision Nutrition online program, walks you through simple, practical habits. You'll be prompted to add your thoughts and reflections about what holds you back and what motivates you. In short, you discover a lot about yourself, rather than taking band-aid strict-diet approaches to bad habits only to mask them temporarily.


Are you ready to jump in together?!

Where could you be 12 months from now? Are you ready to make small changes each day to be a little bit better than yesterday?


Small efforts add up to big changes.


With Precision Nutrition's comprehensive 12-month curriculum, my clients work progressively through daily habits and mindset lessons. You'll use the proven Precision Nutrition program to achieve lasting change at a manageable pace. 


Coaching includes responses to your activity with the online program and monthly check-ins. This is perfect for anyone who can commit to engaging online for about 5-15 minutes most days and doing small daily tasks.


The Precision Nutrition path will lead you through consistent healthy habits and a renewed growth mindset about both food and your body.


Getting "a little better each day" in your focussed habits will help you achieve the body you want, that lasts! 

If you're not ready to commit to a year, take it in 1 to 3 month chunks. Your payment guarantees access to the program. The program can be paused upon request for travel or unexpected life events. 

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