Kettlebells are an excellent versatile training tool for improving your general fitness level and building strength. We work with a few goals in mind...

  • get stronger

  • learn to move better and with more confidence

  • build cardio endurance

  • be fit and enjoy doing the things you love!


Within our no-stress coaching approach, you'll find the support you need and workouts that build you up. Any age, fitness level, shape and size are welcome.

Classes are no longer held at Atlanta Barbell gym in Decatur. 

Contact Jenn for an affordable private session. 

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Indoor rowing is one of the best low-impact workouts you can do! 


It's great for a full-body workout that can be geared toward endurance or interval work. 

Jenn is a certified UCanRow2 instructor on the Concept2 erg. Learn to row or schedule a time to use one of our 2 ergs in Avondale Estates. 

Contact Jenn to schedule a session. 

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